The Color Mustard!

The Color Mustard!

I usually don’t quite plan any of my outfits well in advance for pictures for posts, and so sometimes just make do with what I have at hand. You know, for me I can be lazy sometimes and just go for pieces that I feel comfortable. On this particular day, I was not expecting to freeze my ass off!  The sun was out but the air was cold. My boyfriend was kind enough to lend me his mustard coloured jacket (I was staying over the weekend at his parents’ place with my cat FYI). It was a Saturday and post lunch we headed out for a walk.

It was early spring and in spite of a couple of warm days, the temperature on this particular day was cold. I was planning on wearing a sleeveless tank top from TheHive, but then decided to warm up and borrowed my boyfriend’s jacket and hat(he’s the best <3)

Some beautiful pics from our walk follows 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful day ahead


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