Pleated Mustard!

Pleated Mustard!

About a year ago I was visiting Częstochowa city for the very first time, which by the way is home to the very famous Black Madonna. I was there with my boyfriend for a boxing event. Yep, my first live boxing match, ring side. I was more interested in the church located in this city as it is famous world over. Once a year over a million pilgrims gather on the grounds of this church for mass to celebrate the Black Madonna and what it stands for.

From Krakow we left early in the morning so we could spend the whole day there. We arrived I think around 10 am or half past, and went straight to the church to see this holy pilgrimage site. After wandering about the church, we went down to the city center and took a couple of nice pictures. We had our packed lunch and decided since we still had lots of time to spare why not head over to the only shopping mall in the city. I was not looking for anything in particular and ended up going into H&M. It just so happened a couple days earlier I came across a fashion blogger from Boston, and saw one of her posts with a dress that I just loved the way she wore it. The thing is I had never seen this dress in any of the branches of H&M in Krakow and was very excited when I saw it in Częstochowa. At first I was hesitant to buy the dress as I had never owned a dress in any bright colors like this one, my boyfriend convinced me otherwise!

I tried it on and it seemed a bit longer length wise but the fit was perfect at the waist. I was surprised that the bright mustard yellow actually suited my skin tone. I decided to buy it; and if after trying it back home in Krakow did not like it, I would always return it to one of the branches in Krakow. But needless to say, I never returned the dress and actually have worn it quite a lot on several occasions. Its very comfortable and the colors are suitable for any season. I can wear it in summer with black pumps or in winter with some good black tights and boots. It is a versatile piece and now a staple in my wardrobe.

Here are a few pictures of me wearing the dress on a recent trip to Gdynia. The weather was warm and perfect and the sea as a backdrop blends in well with the yellow tones.

Oh and by the way this is my very first blog post on my new and updated blog 🙂 feeling excited \o/ yay

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