Cat ears and nude pumps

Cat ears and nude pumps

My favourite winter accessory this year has been my Cat ear hat/beanie which I picked up from Zara during winter sales.  It is just the perfect snug fit and adds just the right amount of cuteness to any outfit. Along with the hat I had also found this amazing navy coat that reminds me of something the Royals would wear. Needless to say, I decided to make a look-book out of it.  For this look, I wore a lace black dress from H&M along with my black tights.

The coat and hat went perfectly well. Since it was a bit chilly and I wanted to stay extra warm & I wore a light black sweater as well. The scarf is a Burberry dupe and I matched it with my Mango nude pumps.  I love this look very much and wore it for a walk in the neighbouring Wieliczka city where I and my boyfriend went out to spend the day.

Hope you enjoy the pics more posts coming soon 😉

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