A Classic off the Shoulder Blouse Suitable for Day and Night

A Classic off the Shoulder Blouse Suitable for Day and Night

Hello Everyone,

I have been down with the Flu and was in bed the whole week. It might have been a number of factors leading to it, including a change in the weather among a few other things. The doctor advised me, a week of rest of work and believe me it was a much needed time out as I also had a very bad cold. I am trying to bounce back on my feet again as the temperature outside gets warmer. It appears sunny days are here to stay in Krakow and I hope by the time I will be fully healthy and able to enjoy the beautiful weather.

I am excited as I can finally whip out my summer clothes from storage. I had purchased some new items last year but never had the chance to wear them. When I saw this blouse at Stradivarius, I fell in love. It is a beautiful and delicate over the shoulder and the bottom has embroidered eyelets. I love this look, I created a while ago, it’s crisp and clean. The white denim is classic and timeless and the off the shoulder top, with a heavy Indian necklace, adds grace and elegance to this look. I would definitely wear this for a girls night or a date night or even to the movies. I would even wear this look to work but would pull up the shoulders and wear it with some.

This weekend brings with it the opening of Food Truck season in many cities in Krakow and especially now is a good time to collect your friends and head on out to grab some food on the go. Bezogrodek as the name suggests, without a garden, are very popular now and the food trucks offer a variety of different variations of fast food to choose from. From burgers, different kinds of pasta, sushi, Indian food and even Chinese Bao. I love Bao and tried it the first time in Bangalore last year. It is a type of steamed bun with a filling of choice. It is really delicious and yum. I had a Bao yesterday at the food truck near Cichy Kaczik and it was incredible. I cannot wait to go out with my friends for a picnic or a barbeque in the outdoors and just chill and unwind as it is much needed after the long winter months.

Thank you for stopping by and let us welcome Spring in all its gusto. Spring oh how you make my heart dance with all the possibilities and a fresh start to life 🙂


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