Grey Weather Blues!

Grey Weather Blues!

As I write this post I am surrounded by a pile of tissues everywhere on the floor! I have got the flu and a really bad cold as it’s common this time of the year, when the temperature gets back to normal, ahem I mean above the minus 10 or sub-zero temperatures. I am the lucky ones I guess; better sick now when there is nothing much going on. A good body knows how to fight back against these infections and that’s what makes us stronger. I have to say though apart from having a full week off work, the rest of it sucks. I can hardly breathe and keep blowing my nose every couple seconds and I spend most of my time trying to sleep through a blocked nose, sigh!

On the plus side, I have been advised to drink lots and lots and lots of water. Which by the way was one of my goals for 2017. So far I have downloaded the HydroCoach App – a water drink app, which is a fun way for me to track my water intake and also at the same time now helps me better track the amount of water I am drinking per day. Yay, I’m on the right track!

Prior to getting sick however I did a little splurge on the online store and got some cool boots for fraction of the price! Can’t wait to share them with you all. Here are some pics were taken on the lovely riverside wearing one of these pairs on a not so grey day. The sun decided to come out for a while and keep me warm for a bit. I am 100% sure it was during this shoot that the virus bug got the better of me as I tried to pose without my winter jacket. A girl’s gotta do, what a girl gotta do. Anything for a good photo op, right 😉

Hope you are all well and keeping warm 🙂


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