My OTK’s

My OTK’s

I have always wanted to have a pair of over the knee’s and finally got a beautiful pair from my favourite online shoe store Prior to the discovery of this website, I never thought it would be possible to buy good pairs of shoes online but this is one store I can vouch for, especially if you know your shoe size.

For winter shoes, I recommend sizing up but otherwise it’s a great fit. I got the OTK in the model – Meredith. I am in love! The shoe fits like a glove. I was worried if it may look awkward as I am under 5 feet tall. The website lists the sizes and also other details like calf width, ankle width etc. I was able to check my measurements before placing an order. I had to decide between 2 different pairs one was a bit taller and I knew even though they were my first choice it would be way too tall for my short legs. This pair I picked up laces up all the way to the top at the back, so I can adjust and have a snug fit.

I took these bad girls out for a spin around the city centre and wearing them was not a hassle at all. The heel looks high, but in fact, did not bother me at all while I was walking. I am glad I bought them and I feel I made the right choice. As its already warming up in Krakow, I hope to get some wear and tear before summer kicks in!

Thank you for reading and wish you a wonderful week ahead


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