Hello there!  I am Doreen Pinto and welcome to my little corner of the web. I am passionate about sharing my personal likes and interests and travel adventures. I started this blog as an outlet to share with my friends and family about my life in Poland. Rather than just sharing a bunch of photos on Facebook, I thought why not just open up a website and share some of the ‘nice’ moments here, along with a short post describing what the photo is about. It gives a more personal touch, I feel!

I am a full time working professional at an MNC and blogging is my hobby. I am a finance graduate and hence work in finance. 

Why I blog? There are many blogs out there that are solely about Krakow and cover topics of an overview of what to do in Krakow, see in Krakow, etc, but I wanted mine to be a mix of both informative and at the same time keeping in mind my interests as well.

I am also a guest blogger and an editor on the popular Facebook page Hello Poland (Kocham Polske)