Ever since I was a little girl I remember my mum used to always dress me up in pretty frocks.  I think I still have a few cherished ones somewhere tucked away in storage back home in India. She herself was not into make up and stuff, not sure how I developed the interest, but I was always sporting some fancy shoes or some hint of lip gloss as young as 5 or 6 years old. I loved dressing up as a child and somehow growing up I lost touch of that side of me. Through high school and college years, I never put any effort into the way I looked or how I dressed up. I was the tomboy type, with short hair.

I have over the years been trying to change the way I feel about clothes and my appearance. I hope this blog will serve as a personal photo diary of my style based solely on the clothes I already own.

I love Krakow so much and I am so glad I can now call it home. There is so much to see and do here and I am truly grateful for every moment of living here. Apart from my style photos, I wish to share my interest in DIY and crafting, and travel in and around Krakow and show you some of the beauty of this magnificent city in some of my posts.

I am also a guest blogger on The Krakowist and an editor on the popular Facebook page Hello Poland (Kocham Polske)