Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my blog. I hope to provide you with a good reading content each week. Starting and maintaining a blog is no easy feat, I have been planning to start this blog for quite a while and this will be a rebirth of the blog I had started last year, which I had to delete as I wanted to change the web host. International web hosts are always a bit expensive; so I decided to go for a local option and I hope it will serve me well in the months and years to come 😀

I follow a lot of fashion and beauty bloggers in social media and I am no great fashionista myself, but I do tend to dress well now and again and I hope to share with you my look-books. I also love to travel, not as much as I would love to but the little that I do, I would like to share that journey and pictures here on this blog rather than on my personal Facebook page.

Happy reading!

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